Why Work With Me

Guiding Principles

I aim to be an investor who founders trust and can rely on. This means:

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Ways I Can Help

My secret sauce is that I spent a decade as the founder of a successful tech startup; but before that I spent another decade as a professional investor at a large hedge fund. I think this combination is pretty unique, and it lets me help you more effectively.

🎯 Tactics

My founder experience helps you tactically: on go-to-market, on positioning and story-telling; on data and API strategy; on culture and recruiting; and perhaps most important, with alignment and empathy. I’ve worn lots of different hats as a founder; as a result I can help on almost all operational aspects of early-stage startups. Here are some examples:

🌎 Strategy

My investing experience helps you strategically: on resource allocation and business planning; on financing and downstream investors; on competition, moats and ecosystem; on what it takes to win in the long term. Here are some examples:

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