Here are some talks I’ve given:

“Data Deployment: The Secret Ingredient”
AI & Data Science in Trading, virtual, March 2021

“Generating Data Insights at Scale: The Data Factory”
OTPP Seminar Series, virtual, December 2020

“Seeing the Whole Picture with External Data”
Webinar with Coatue Management, virtual, December 2020

“2020 Vision: New Data Sources for the COVID Economy”
Princeton Fintech and Quant Conference, virtual, September 2020

“A Tale of Two Economies: COVID-19 and Consumer Retail”
VUE Digital Summit, virtual, August 2020

“Alternative Data and Financial Markets in 2020”
AI & Data Science in Trading, virtual, June 2020

“Air Travel: A Window on the Economy”
Quandl Seminar Series, virtual, May 2020

“Quantitative & Fundamental: Friends or Enemies?” (panel)
Quandl Data Conference, New York, January 2020

“How Alternative Data is Redefining Capital Markets”
IIA Annual Symposium, Detroit, November 2019

“Data-Driven Edge”
Canadian Bond Investors Forum, Montreal, April 2019

“The Emerging Data Economy and How Toronto Can Lead It”
Tech Toronto at City Hall, Toronto, March 2019

“Building a Data Factory”
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Toronto, February 2019

“The Data Ecosystem of the Future”
Quandl Data Conference, New York, January 2019

“Making the Jump From Finance to Tech” (panel)
FinTech Toronto, Toronto, November 2018

“New Frontiers in FX Data”
Quandl Seminar Series, virtual, September 2018

“Quandl: A Data Marketplace”
The Montgomery Summit, Los Angeles, March 2018

“From Sails to Sales”
Winton Capital, New York, January 2018

“Data as an Asset Class”
Tech Toronto, Toronto, October 2017

“Data Trails”
Ontario Centres of Excellence, Toronto, October 2017

“Monetizing Data”
Forrester Research Series, virtual, September 2017

“Oh Buoy! How Hedge Funds Use Shipping Data”
Strata Data Conference, New York, September 2017

“A Brief History of Alternative Data” (keynote)
UBS Asset Management, New York, June 2017

“Thriving in a Data-Driven World” (panel)
Q4 Discovery Series, Toronto, April 2017

“Adventures in Data Curation”
Quandl Data Conference, New York, January 2017

“The Transience of Alpha”
Franklin Templeton, Fort Lauderdale, November 2016

“Data: The World’s Most Valuable Commodity”
Toronto Stock Exchange, Toronto, April 2016

“Data as a Service”
IRMAC, Toronto, January 2014

I hope to eventually upload slides and transcripts for most of these talks.