What I’m Interested In

💻 Professional

My professional interests lie at the intersection of data, markets, and technology.

📀 Data: As a species, we are defined by our ability to manipulate information: language, writing, software. It’s not a coincidence that the word we associate most strongly with human evolutionary advantage — intelligence — means both raw data, and the capacity to act on it.

🏪 Markets: Markets are the most effective and resilient mechanism we have found to solve a hard problem: how should society allocate resources in the face of incomplete information and uncertain outcomes?

📡 Technology: Writing, agriculture, government, cities, money, industry: these and other technologies have impacted humanity in profound (and still evolving) ways. We’re living through another technological revolution right now: software. And we’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can achieve.

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⚖️ Ethical

While I believe in the ability of markets, data and technology to make the world a better place, I’m also keenly aware of their limitations.

Data can be noisy, messy or incomplete; more dangerously, it can be misleading, biased or falsified. Not all questions can be answered with data. High-quality decision-making under uncertainty with imperfect information is hard, and therefore valuable.

Markets can be imperfect, incomplete, non-competitive, regulated, corrupt, captured, rigged or otherwise flawed. Flawed markets lead to information errors, poor incentives and inequitable outcomes.

Technology is vulnerable to incompetence, malice, misuse, indifference, bias and unforeseen consequences.

The optimist (and ex trader) in me says that every inefficiency is an opportunity; the humanist in me cares for the individuals affected by these inefficiencies. Using data-markets-technology to make the world a truly better place is not easy. But what better way to spend one’s life?

❤️ Personal

I have a number of hobbies and interests that keep me pleasantly busy:

📚 I’m endlessly curious and an unapologetic bibliophile
📷 I like to take photographs
✈️ I like to travel, both physically and in spirit
🎲 I like to play Euro-style board games
🎨 I haunt galleries and museums whenever I can
🍱 I like to cook, and also to eat well
🎶 I like to discover new music of almost every genre
🏅 I over-analyze sports, using data of course
🎾 I play semi-competitive tennis (NTRP 4-5)
🔠 I used to play tournament Scrabble, but haven’t for a while
🌸 I used to curate a rather popular poetry newsletter
🏋🏾 I work out, sleep well, and practise happiness
📋 I’m a prolific list-maker, curator and reviewer
✒️ I like to write, as this website makes abundantly clear :)