COVID-19 and the economy

Over spring and early summer 2020, I compiled a variety of real-time “alternative” datasets on the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. Some of this data is summarized in the threads below:

24 Sep
Macro research using high-frequency data on the economy: consumer spending by region and income tier; employment, hours worked and vacancies at businesses small and large; the reach and efficacy of policy responses to COVID-19.

29 May
US railroad traffic, intermodal vs railcar divergence, air freight volumes and prices, west coast container ports, trade imbalances, trucking spot rates, commercial and personal vehicle traffic, subway usage, foot traffic at stores, new shopping patterns.

22 May
Travel intent, recovery in small business, hours worked, reopenings and revenue, auto sales by brand and category, company cash management.

23 April
Supplier late payments, rebound in auto sales, global travel intent, healthcare facility utilization, revenue by medical service category.

16 April
Public transit usage decline and recovery, small business closures, regional variations in virus impact, firm survivability, divergences in hiring.

9 April
E-commerce sales, category divergences, trend growth, inventories, flight intent by region, supply chain risks, earnings quality.

3 April:
Flight bookings, auto sales, job listings, small business hours worked and revenue, private jet flights.