Angel Investing

🦋 I angel invest in early-stage tech startups, mostly B2B.
🌏 I’m flexible on business model, industry and geography.
📫 Founders: view my portfolio or contact me!

How I Invest

I aim to be an investor who founders trust and can rely on. This means:

What I Invest In

🔮 I invest in startups that are building a future I want to be part of, and I try to help them make that future a reality. Beyond that, there are no rules.

🔥 Team ability and macro trends matter the most to me. Big ideas and innovative tech are also important. Traction is useful but not as relevant.

🌎 I’m flexible on geography, industry, and business model. I prefer B2B to consumer. About half my portfolio is in Canada, and half outside it.

🐶 I like both overdogs with “unfair advantages”, and underdogs who are “scrappy, resilient, resourceful”. I invest in both “brave new world” startups and “faster better cheaper” startups.

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Why Work With Me?

❤️ Empathy: Being a founder is hard. As a founder who has been through the venture-backed journey myself, from inception to exit, I believe I can be more aligned, more insightful, and more empathetic about the challenges you face than most investors without that experience.

🔧 Execution: I can help tactically on almost all operational aspects of early-stage startups: product & engineering; sales & marketing; culture & team-building; go-to-market strategy; narrative creation & positioning; and fund-raising.

🧠 Knowledge: There are a few topics that I have specific deep expertise in: data & API business models; data science & data engineering; capital markets & B2B fintech; starting & scaling network-effects businesses; and building successful data-centric organizations.

🤝 Networks: I can help with introductions and references for potential customers, partners, job candidates, expert operators, and down-stream investors including many well-known VC firms.

📫 Founders, if this sounds like a fit, please reach out!