Abraham Thomas

👋🏼 Hi, I’m Abraham.


Email me: at@abrahamthomas.info

🌱 I’m an active and successful angel investor in tech startups:

You can learn more on my investing page. I welcome cold pitches!

🚀 I advise high-growth SaaS and data startups on execution.

I’m currently open to advisory opportunities, but am selective about who I work with. Learn more on my advising page.

💡 I advise institutional investors on data strategy.

To learn more, please visit my consulting page.

✍️ I write Pivotal, a well-regarded newsletter on data, investing and startups. Here are some recent essays:

You can find more articles on my writing page.

📚 Here’s a bit more about me:

🧭 Here are some things I believe:

Email me: at@abrahamthomas.info